Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Library’s open hours?

A: Library hours depend on time of the year, such as Regular Semester, Summer Semester, Ramadan, etc. It’s best to see the current hours in our library hour’s web page at .

Q: Can the general community (non-UAEU) use the library?

A: Yes, the general community (non-UAEU) may use the library during appropriate male/female timings (see If you wish to borrow any books, you can apply for Community User Membership, which requires a deposit and registration fee. For more information, please contact the Circulation staff at or by telephone at 03-713-4684/03-713-4678.

Q: How many books may I check out?

A: Depending on user type, you may borrow up to the following number of general books with varying loan periods (exceptions are Special Collections, American Corner, Reserves, Multimedia, etc.):




UAEU Bachelor Student


21 days

UAEU Master/PhD Student


120 days

UAEU Faculty Member


120 days

UAEU Staff Member


21 days

Community User


21 days

LIWA Consortium Member (ZU or HCT)


14 days


Q: How do I renew books?

A: There are a number of ways you can renew your books:


Q: How do I get clearance from the Library?

A: You should first make sure your library record is clear (all books are returned, and any                                        fines/fees are paid) by contacting the Circulation Desk staff:

  •       By email request at:
  •       By telephone at 03-713-4684/03-713-4678
  •       Onsite at the Circulation Desk
  •       Then come to the library to finalize any actions and to get your clearance form signed by the librarian.

Q: How much money do I owe in library fines or fees?

A: The amount depends on whether or not you have overdue books that have accrued fines, and replacement and/or processing fees for lost or missing books. Usually, you will receive email notification for any overdue books or fees, but please check with the Circulation staff to be sure at or by telephone at 03-713-4684/03-713-4678.

Q: How can I pay my fines?

A: Please call or email Circulation Desk staff at or by telephone at 03-713-4684/03-713-4678 to get the exact amount that you owe. Then, you can pay by several methods.

  •       If you have a Visa or MasterCard, you can pay directly at the Circulation Desk.
  •      OR you can deposit money in the Library Etihad bank account (# 0121318845688), and get a receipt.
  •       You MUST bring the original bank deposit receipt to remove the hold from your record.

Q: How do I find a book in the Library?

A: You can check the online catalog at, then write down and search for the book by the call number on the shelf.

Q: Where is the Library located?

A: The Main Library is located at UAEU in the basement of the Crescent Building in the D2 section. This is behind Gloria Jean’s Café.

Q: Why is my PIN not working?

A: You will need to set your own PIN for the first time you use it, after which you can modify your PIN. Please follow these steps:

  •       Go to library homepage at
  •       Choose Library Services and select “Faculty and Graduate Students”
  •       Click on “Renew Books.” When the login screen appears, enter your ID Barcode and current PIN and      Submit.
  •       If you need to modify your PIN, click on the “Modify” button and follow the instructions.
  •       If you have lost or forgotten your PIN, please contact the Circulation staff at or by telephone at 03-713-4684/03-713-4678.

Q: If I’m not a member of UAEU, may I still access your e-resources?

A: Unfortunately, access to our e-resources is restricted to UAEU members only, due to licensing agreements with the publishers.

Q: I can’t access the e-resources, even though I entered my user name and password. What do I need to do?

A: Please make sure that you are using the correct email username (without the extension ‘’) and your password.

Nov 18, 2015