Modules Summary 

The Libraries’ Information Literacy Modules are based on ALA/ACRL Standards. All modules are customized according to University curriculum and research needs.

1. Orientation Tour: for visiting students or groups from outside the University. Introduces the library system, resources and services. (Orientation)

2. Introduction to Library Use: for freshman. Introduces students to using the library for information retrieval, focuses on reference services and resources, the online catalog and the LC classification system. (Orientation) 

3. Finding Books in the University Libraries: for freshman. Introduces students to developing a search strategy, how to search for and access books by doing different types of searches in the online catalog, and how to read and interpret call numbers and retrieve books from the shelves. (Orientation) 

4. General Reference Seminar: for freshman. Introduces students to the general structure of books, focuses on general reference services and basic reference sources such as encyclopedias. (Orientation) 

5. Introduction to Information Retrieval: for intermediate students. Introduces techniques of information retrieval such as search strategy, finding information through use of the online catalog and electronic resources. (Course-Related)

6. lntroduction to Research in Specific Subjects: for intermediate/advanced students. Instructs students in how to find information in a specific subject area using specialized reference sources. Introduces research methods concepts. (Course-Related) 

7. lntroduction to the Library System and Services: for new/returning faculty. Provides an update on the library system, information services and new resources (Orientation) 

8. Information Retrieval of Emirates Materials: for Emirates Society curriculum students. Introduces students to information formats and reference resources relating to the Emirates. (Course-Related) 

9. Internet for Academic Use: for all students. Introduces students to the use of the Internet on various levels for academic research. Instructs students in how to search effectively for relevant, credible information and evaluate results. (Course-Related)

Oct 28, 2014