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UAEU Libraries Redevelopment Discussions Commence

weOn June 5th and 6th, the UAEU Libraries staff welcomed Stephen Axford, the principal consultant of AXOS Urban Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based urban design firm to the site to begin discussion and consultations on the library building redevelopment. 

He met with library staff and students of the Science and Innovation Park and the Director of Facilities Management to discuss ways in which the libraries’ redevelopment can support increased activity on campus and contribute to the student experience.

Using the ‘Power of Ten’ Stephen gathered more than 30 reasons for someone to visit the university libraries and these will be included in the development of a planning brief for the redevelopment and extension of the university libraries at Maqam campus.

Wider consultation and a formal planning process will be scheduled later in the year.

Jun 8, 2017