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Latest News

  • Schools visits

    Tuesday 03 November 2015

    UAEU Libraries Deanship received over 95 students and teachers during October from ADEC,

    Library Consultants' Visit

    Sunday 01 November 2015

    In an effort to enhance its role and activities, the UAEU library has hosted consultants from Unite [...]

  • "Teach Yourself" a Language!

    Thursday 08 October 2015

    The Libraries Deanship has multiple language kits (book, CD/DVD) for checkout in the Media Section [...]

    Check Out New SAT & TOEFL Books from the Library!

    Thursday 08 October 2015

    The American Corner (AC) in the Main Library announces the arrival of new test books for the SAT, T [...]

  • 3D Printing System

    Sunday 15 March 2015

    This do-it-all printer uses FDM Technology to build in real ABS plus thermoplastic, resulting in mo [...]

    Low Vision Workstation:

    Thursday 12 March 2015

    For use by vision impaired people to magnify output. It combines a powerful magnifying viewer

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Nov 18, 2015