Textbooks Distribution Services for Faculty & Students

At the beginning of each semester, textbooks are distributed on-campus to the students, teaching faculty, and visiting professors during a specified time period as follows: textbook distribution and location.

If the distribution period has ended and students or faculty need to obtain their textbooks they can do so as follows:

  1. Male undergraduate students must collect their books from the textbook distribution center at the Falaj Hazza campus.
  2.  Female undergraduate students must send a request to textbook-inquiries@uaeu.ac.ae  in order to find out when they can receive their textbooks from the main library building, D2.
  3. Graduate students can receive their books from either the Falaj Hazza campus textbook distribution center or the main library. Please see points 1 and 2 above.
  4. Faculty and visiting professors must fill out the request form and have it signed by their department head, along with the department stamp before submitting it to textbook-inquiries@uaeu.ac.ae to receive their textbooks from the main library building or the Falaj Hazza campus.
Apr 3, 2016